Make the Childbirth Choice That’s Right For You… No Matter What Everyone Else Thinks

Deliver This! was published by Seal Press in January, 2007.

Table of Contents

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Introduction: From Pregnancy to Motherhood in One Not-So-Simple Step

  1. The First Shot Fired in the Mommy Wars
  2. All About Control: Taking Charge vs. Letting Go
  3. Domestic Debuts: Home Birth
  4. The Best of Both Worlds: Birth Centers
  5. From Baby Catchers to Birth Coaches: Midwives and Doulas
  6. Drug-Free in a High-Tech Zone: Natural Birth in a Hospital
  7. Epidural Bliss: Medicated Vaginal Birth in a Hospital
  8. Murphy Brown, Labor Instructor: Media and Childbirth
  9. Out the Emergency Exit: Preplanned, Medically Advised C-section
  10. My Baby, My Belly, My Decision: Maternal-Choice C-section
  11. Expect the Unexpected: When Labor Doesn’t Go as Planned
  12. The Deliver This! Plan for Giving Birth Your Way